Can Cats Eat Cake

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  • Date: October 7, 2021
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Cats are the most popular pet in America. They’re also one of the quirkiest animals on Earth, with a wide range of odd behaviors and preferences. One such quirk is that they aren’t typically fans of sweets or desserts. However, there may be some exceptions to this rule! In this blog post, we’ll cover all things cats and cake – from whether your cat can eat it to how you might make a special treat for them if they do enjoy it!

What is a Cat Cake?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What exactly is a cat cake?” Cat cakes are just like regular cupcakes or pet treats, but they have become more appealing for our feline friends. While you might not think that cats would enjoy sweet and sugary snacks, your kitty will love some (and all) of these delicious desserts!

Why Give Your Cat Cake?

For most cats, giving them a slice of cake is the ultimate reward. They love the sweetness and richness of many cakes. Treats are also an excellent way to show your cat that you care about their happiness! It’s one of the best things you can do for your feline friend to show affection towards each other through food.

Cats are also one of the quirkiest animals on Earth, with a wide range of odd behaviors and preferences. If you’re lucky enough to be living with an adorable cat that loves cake, then why not give them something they’ll enjoy?

You can even get your kitty involved in the process by letting them help. However, take precautions if cats start licking or chewing at raw dough! Cake decorating kits often contain harmful chemicals such as xylitol which is toxic for felines.

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In fact, make sure all candles and other decorations stay out of their reach when baking! Even non-toxic ingredients like chocolate should only be used sparingly because it’s still bad for cats despite having some health benefits for humans.

How to Make a Cat Cake

Cats love cake. They’ll even eat it off the floor if you accidentally drop some. However, cats don’t need much in terms of exceptional food or treat all their lives — and probably won’t appreciate a store-bought cat treat when they’re older! Instead, why not make them homemade cakes?

Here’s how:

You can bake these into regular cupcakes and then add fur frosting before dusting with kitty litter sprinkles for added joy. Or just buy one from your local pet bakery (if such an establishment exists). But since we didn’t feel like doing any shopping today, let’s go over what exactly goes into making a basic cake that will be both felines friendly and delicious, to boot.

A Few Tips for Giving Your Cat a Treats

  • If your cat is on a diet, it’s essential to be cautious with treats.
  • Don’t give in if she meows for more food- you’re only encouraging the behavior!
  • If you’re giving your cat a pleasure, make sure to keep an eye on them.
  • Some cats, especially those with a taste for human food, will try to eat as much of the treat or leftover cake as possible and might even start begging for more.
  • Make sure you’re giving your safe cat treats- check out our list below!
  • Give her small amounts of different flavors to enjoy them all (and not get sick).
  • If it’s someone’s birthday at home, make sure everyone knows that there is no reason to give their furry friend any special treatment.
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Recipes for Cats!

Here are some recipes for homemade cat treats. They’re easy to make, feline-friendly, and taste delicious!

Fur Frosting (Cats love this) 


  • Bathing water from your kitty litter box;
  • A hand towel or washcloth that you don’t mind getting dirty;
  • Pet-safe shampoo;
  • Catnip (optional).

Directions: Make sure the cloth is clean but not too wet – if it’s dripping, you might want to squeeze out most of the water first. If your cat enjoys having its fur washed with special pet shampoos, consider buying one instead of using what humans use in the shower. It will be easier on both parties involved and probably safer as well. Cats also feel amazing after having their fur brushed, so it might be a good idea to try that out if they’re not being fussy.

Pour some shampoos on top of your cloth. Mix with water until you’ve created a lather. You want this mixture to be thick but spreadable – like cake frosting! Try adding pet-safe catnip at this point for even more fun. Next, give your cat’s fur an excellent scrubbing while avoiding her face and eyes — we don’t want anything getting in there, especially those kitty litter shampoos since no one wants to ingest them orally or get them stuck on them. If she seems okay with it, try going a little bit further down the body until you hit her tail.

Ensure to rinse out all of the shampoo and repeat as needed – some cats will need more than one application! If there’s still lather left after rinsing, consider using it on your own hair because this stuff works miracles even if your cat doesn’t like it (it might be too rough, though).

Finally, brush through their fur with a soft bristle brush or towel, then put them back in their litter box for some alone time while they dry off. You can also let them sit by an open window if they’re not afraid of rain — just make sure that water isn’t running into any areas where she could get hurt.

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Examples of Fun and Creative Ways to Give Your Cat Some Love on Their Birthday If

Examples of fun and creative ways to give your cat some love on their birthday if you’re wondering how to share your cat cake on their birthday, here are some ideas that will have them purring with happiness.

  • Build a “cake” made of empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls and place pieces of food inside for them to hunt around the house!
  • Write out the number “one” in dry kibble so they can eat each piece one by one until it’s gone. Be sure this is set up somewhere where baby/toddler fingers cannot grab at it!
  • Put their regular meal into puzzle feeders throughout the day while still giving them treats as usual too! If this doesn’t keep them busy enough during dinner time, try breaking up slightly more significant portions of food into smaller pieces before putting them into the feeders.
  • Put small portions of wet food inside a ping pong ball and let them bat it around the house!
  • Give your cat some cuddles and let them knead away on you as they eat their tins of wet food.
  • Put them in a comfortable carrier and take them to the vet for their birthday, where they get extra special attention from everyone there!

You can do this with a cat if they are happy to go somewhere new or travel. But, you have to keep an eye on them, so you know when it is time to come back inside. For example, if they stay in a car, it can be too hot and not safe for them. You also have to watch out for other animals outside that might hurt the cat or make the cat get lost.

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