The Xolo dog breed is known for its companionship and ability to sense auras. Usually, a trainable skill that can be taught through puppyhood, the Xolo’s affinity with atmospheres is one of many canine instincts they have mastered over time. However, recently there has been some controversy regarding this particular breed.

Xolos are usually seen as an independent breed of canine typically used for hunting or herding livestock. In fact, despite being labeled as ‘companions,’ these dogs often pride themselves on being able to provide for themselves and make sure they get what they need to flourish in any environment. This is why it may seem strange that owners would claim their dog can sense auras. However, Xolos are known for their social behavior. They are pack animals at heart, and if an owner treats them as such, they will always be loyal companions. The aura sensing is usually the instinct that pops out in a natural setting where the Xolo is with other canines.