What to Do When Your Dog Ate a Tampon?

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  • Date: September 4, 2022
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As many dog owners know, some dogs can’t resist eating odd things. Often this is no big deal, but other times it could cause severe concerns, such as when your pup ate a tampon! What should you do if they’ve eaten something unhealthy?

If your dog eats a tampon, contact an animal hospital right away. Eating too many ice cubes can cause your intestines to get stuck. This will make you feel like you can’t eat and may make you dehydrated.

Dog owners should be aware of the possible injuries and medical complications resulting from their dog swallowing a tampon. We will next go over what you can do if your pup has eaten one and who to contact for help in such an emergency situation. Finally, we offer some tips on how best to prevent this from happening again or ways around it altogether!

What Happens If a Dog Eats a Tampon?

Dogs are curious creatures, and sometimes they find tampons in your garbage or lying around the house. What happens next can range from passing it through stool to complications that result in injury and even death! So if you think something is amiss with Fido’s digestive system- approach these situations seriously because there could be some serious issues at hand.!

  • Temporary diarrhea or constipation
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lethargy

These are all signs that your dog may have eaten a tampon. If you see these signs, take action immediately! You should contact an animal hospital right away to ensure the tampon is removed in time before it causes any severe issues.

NOTE: When it comes to foreign objects, the earlier your pet gets care, the better their chances of recovery.

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Did the Dog Eat a Used or Unused Tampon?

If your dog ate a tampon, one of the first things you should do is determine whether or not it was used. This does matter because there are different medical implications based on how long ago a woman had her last menstrual cycle and if she might be pregnant. If she just finished menstruating within 24 hours, there is no need to worry about anything.

A used tampon is generally less dangerous than an unused one for your dog because the blood of a used tampon has already primarily saturated cotton. In new, unwrapped ones like with any object that goes into someone’s digestive system, there can be some risk, but it’s nothing too alarming or concerning; this includes swelling in size, which could make passage difficult if not impossible at all!

NOTE: The amount of water, fat, and fiber in your dog’s digestive tract can affect how fast his digestive system works.


Tampons pose a choking hazard to your dog when eaten. Because of their shape, material, and the fact that they have strings on them, it is straightforward for your pup’s airway can become either partially or entirely blocked as he chokes down one of those pesky tampon snacks!

Internal Issues

Your dog could also suffer from internal bleeding, the tampon string can cause a puncture in his intestine, and there is even a risk of intestinal obstruction. When women menstruate, the blood clots inside the vagina make it easier for them not to bleed all over everything during their periods; this same clotting ability makes these clots of blood very hard to break up again once ingested.

That means that they can get backed up in the intestinal tract, cause scarring, and even lead to a rupture or perforation! This is obviously not something your pup will want because that could require surgery.

Best-Case Scenario

The best-case scenario for this type of medical emergency is that your dog will pass the object. If he has not already thrown up, it can be given without any additional intervention; if you see blood in his stool or vomit, get him to a vet right away!

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NOTE: There are stories going around about people inducing vomiting in their dogs at home without a veterinary injection. This can be done by feeding the dog hydrogen peroxide or salt and butter.

What To Do When Your Dog Has Eaten a Tampon

If your dog has eaten something that might be toxic to them, the best thing you can do is contact a vet immediately and follow their advice. They will likely consider how big of an animal they are and any symptoms present in the meantime before deciding what course of action needs to be taken next: whether it’s bringing him in during business hours or not at all if this happens outside regular time slots.

If your dog ate a tampon, he would usually pass it within 24 hours if there were no complications. This is why it’s essential to keep an eye on him and watch for any internal bleeding or obstruction symptoms throughout this period.

NOTE: If the event happens outside of normal business hours, call an emergency vet. If you can’t reach an all-hours vet, monitor your dog very closely until the morning.

What to Do if Your Dog Partially Passes a Tampon

We know of a case where a dog ate what looked like a tampon and digested it. Then, they were in the toilet, and they didn’t have enough room. They found that one end would be sticking out of their butt hole because it was still tied up with string inside.

We also heard about another time when some scrunched-up fabric came out, but nothing else did…so don’t try pulling those long objects if your pup has ingested them because you’ll probably need surgery anyway!

NOTE: The symptoms of a bowel obstruction can start up to 72 hours after the obstruction happens. This is because the GI tract has already been stressed.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Eating a Tampon

The best way to prevent this is by keeping anything inappropriate or toxic out of your dog’s reach. If you are worried about them eating some tampons, just be sure that they’re always in a closed storage unit with latches on it so he can’t get into the box where they’re kept!

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Dogs are curious animals, and as such, food is often an item that they will want to investigate. Unfortunately for you, as the owner of this dog (and all other dogs), it can be tempting at times not to watch over what your pet might find because “it” isn’t mine! I know my pup could get tempted by this thing, so I will put it on the floor or in a cabinet. I move them so fast before trouble starts happening – don-t worry, though: accidents happen only when owners aren’t careful enough about protecting their home from damage caused by these messes upstages.

NOTE: If you don’t find the tampon on your own, your vet may order an X-ray to try and locate it.

The information is accurate and based on the latest research from veterinarian.


Why does my dog eat my pads?

Dogs will eat anything they come across, including pads. If you think your dog is eating your home, then look for pieces that are chewed off. This could also be a sign that he ate more than just some fabric off the place.

My dog ate toilet paper.

Dogs can eat anything, including toilet paper. If you think your dog ate some of the rolls, then look for any pieces of it on their teeth or paws.

What do the signs of intestinal blockage mean?

The signs of intestinal blockage can vary depending on the cause of the blockage. However, some common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and bloating. If you experience any of these symptoms, please see a doctor as soon as possible.

Can a dog pass a used tampon?

Dogs can’t pass a used tampon, but they can eat one. Depending on the size and brand of tampon, it could expand in your dog’s stomach and cause a blockage. If your dog ate a used tampon, call your veterinarian immediately.


If your dog ate a tampon, it’s essential to know whether the tampon was used or unused. A partially digested tampon can cause internal issues and choke if not addressed in time. The best-case scenario is that no harm has come from the incident because there will be slight discomfort for either you or your pup when they pass out of their system on their own accord. To prevent this from happening again, keep all feminine products away from pets at all times.

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