How Much Does Petco Grooming Cost?

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  • Date: January 27, 2023
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You love your pet, but you don’t know how much it costs to groom them? Grooming at Petco can be expensive. Let’s take a look at the cost of grooming in-store and what you need to do before taking your pup for their haircut.

PetCo’s Main Services

Petco offers various services to its customers, from pet supplies and food to grooming and veterinary care. Here is a list of some of the primary services Petco provides:

  • Pet supplies, including food, toys, cages, and bedding
  • Grooming, including haircuts, baths, and nail trimming
  • Veterinary care, including vaccinations, exams, and surgery

All of these services are important to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Be sure to take advantage of all that Petco has to offer!

Petco Grooming Cost
Bath Service for Dogs starting at $25
Full Grooming Service/ Dogs starting at $45
Full Grooming Service/ Cats starting at $55
Basic Upgrades

Basic and Spa Upgrades

The cost of grooming at Petco varies depending on the package you choose. Basic packages are cheaper than spa packages, but they don’t include everything a spa package does. If you want to get all the extras, go for the spa package. But if you just need essential grooming and care, go with a Basic Package. We’ll break down what’s included in each one so that it’s easier to decide which is best for your pet!

Basic Bath (small dog)$20-$30
Full Groom (small dog)$40-$50
Basic Bath (large dog)$30-$40
Full Groom (large dog)$50-$60
Nail Trim$10
Teeth Brushing$10
Flea & Tick Treatment$10-$15
De-shedding Treatment$20-$30
Anal Gland Expression$10
Ear Cleaning$10
Additional Services (per request)Varies

Shed Release and Shed Release Plus

If you’re like most people, you probably hate the sight of dog hair all over your clothes and furniture. And while regular brushing can help reduce the amount of hair your pet sheds, sometimes that just isn’t enough. That’s where Shed Release and Shed Release Plus come in. These two products are designed to help keep your pet’s shedding under control, so you can enjoy a hair-free home without having to spend hours on end brushing your pet every day.

Essentials Plus and Flea Cleanse

If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable pet grooming option, Petco is the place to go. Essentials Plus and Flea Cleanse are two of our most popular services, and both offer great value for your money. Here’s a closer look at what each one entails:

Essentials Plus

You can expect your pet to receive a bath with deodorizing shampoo and an all-over hair trim with Essentials. We’ll also clean the ears of any furry friend over six weeks old, brush their teeth, dry them off with towels soaked in warm air for extra comfort—and even use clippers or scissors on nails if needed. Unless otherwise requested by our staff at least 24 hours ahead of time, pets who need grooming will be left “business” length, so they are comfortable coming into summer fresh from the groomers’ shears!

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Flea Cleanse

For those looking to help guard against fleas this season but who don’t want to break the bank with professional pest control services, there’s Flea Cleanse. This affordable add-on to our regular grooming services offers your pet a bath with flea-killing shampoo, as well as a full comb-through to remove any and all parasites.

Hydrate and Restore

Grooming You might think grooming your pet is just for looks, but it’s also crucial for their health. Grooming helps keep them clean and healthy by removing dirt, debris, bacteria, and dead skin cells that can lead to infection. It also removes allergens like pollen and dust mites which can cause an allergic reaction in some pets. The more you groom your pet, the better off they will be!

Grooming isn’t always cheap, though. Here are a few things you need to know before taking your pet into Petco:

  • Depending on breed type, you will pay $25-$40 every six weeks. This includes nail trimming, anal gland expression (if needed), ear cleaning (if required), brushing out (if needed), and de-shedding (if needed).
  • If you get your pet’s nails trimmed, it will cost $15. If you need the fur around their paws removed, an additional $20.
  • You can purchase a flea bath for $30 or just have Petco wash them every two months at no extra charge. They also offer tick baths for an additional $40 if ticks are seen during bathing.

Is this too much? You tell us! Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below so we can discuss!

Calm and Refresh

Most people think that grooming is just about looking nice. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Grooming is an essential part of your pet’s overall health and happiness, and it can help you spot potential health problems early on. That’s why we want to share with you some tips for caring for your pet at home – before they become significant issues.

Tip: Keep Your Pet Clean and Healthy with Regular Grooming Sessions After a long day out in the yard or playing fetch with their favorite toy, there isn’t much that makes a dog happier than getting all washed up. The same goes for cats who love to groom themselves after eating or napping in the sun’s warmth. And, with summer on its way, it’s essential to make sure your pet isn’t overheated after a romp in the yard.

Walk-In Services

Walk-in services are a convenient way to get your pet groomed without having to make an appointment.

Simply stop by the store during business hours, and one of our experienced groomers will be happy to take care of your pet. We offer a wide range of services, so we can accommodate just about any need or preference. And because we want your pet to look and feel its best, we use only the highest quality products and equipment.

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Express Service

Petco offers various grooming services to keep your pet happy and healthy. Pet owners can choose from different service levels, depending on their needs and budget. The regular grooming package is $30 for dogs and $25 for cats, while an express service is $15 per pet.

What do you get when you opt for this less expensive option? If you want your pet to look nice, it can get a quick bath. It will also need to have its nails trimmed or clipped if they are too long. If the animal has dirty ears, it might need ear cleaning. And some animals might need their anal glands expressed. Be sure that your pet’s teeth are brushed before the animal leaves, even if they already got touched at home today.

If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, the deluxe grooming package costs $55 for dogs and $45 for cats. It includes pretty much everything from the express service PLUS a full-body clipping/shave (if needed), hand scissoring around the face, feet, and anal area, and a style according to your pet’s breed. So whether you have a short-haired pup who just needs a quick bath or an Old English Sheepdog with a coat that needs regular maintenance, Petco has you covered.

Animal Training

Animal trainers work with animals to help them overcome fear, aggression, and other behavioral issues. They also help animals adapt to their new homes and learn how to behave in public. In short, animal trainers play a vital role in the lives of many animals and their families.

Pooch Hotel

In the world of pet grooming, there are many places to visit. One such place is the Pooch Hotel. A Pooch hotel is a location where dogs can go for a day or two and get groomed while staying with their owners who have gone on vacation or business trips. Grooming at Petco offers this service for customers that have pets that need more than just brushing and bathed regularly. In addition to these services where the dog gets shampooed, conditioned, cut, and styled in any way they want it done so your pup will be ready for his next event! This service may seem like a luxury, but it’s worth every penny when you see how much better your dog looks after he has been groomed.

Petco Vaccination Clinics

Petco is a store that has all the necessities for your furry friends. They have everything from food to toys and even offer vaccination clinics to give your pets their annual shots.

Petco also offers pet grooming services and veterinary care at their locations throughout the United States. Whether you’re looking for some new pet supplies or need a vaccine clinic in your area, Petco is sure to have what you need!

A visit to Petco can be beneficial not only for you but also for your pets- especially with things like vaccinations and grooming. Taking care of yourself and those around you should always be on top of priority lists- including taking care of our pets!

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Is PetCo Expensive?

Many pet parents are looking for ways to pinch pennies, and one place they often cut costs is by grooming their pets at home. But is PetCo expensive compared to other groomers? Let’s take a look.

Analyzing the Petco Grooming Cost

The cost of grooming at Petco is something that many people have questions about. Grooming can be a significant expense for pet owners, so knowing what you’re getting into before taking your dog to the groomer is essential.

Petco offers three different packages with prices ranging from $25 to $35 depending on the package chosen. Most people ask themselves if they are paying too much or not enough?

The answer to this question will depend on how often the person intends to use their groomer and whether they intend to use other services offered by Petco (such as buying food). It’s important to know that all of these costs add up quickly, which means it’s best for customers who want more than just their dog to be groomed.

Some customers only want the face of their pets shaved. Others may go for a full haircut, which can cost $60 at high-end pet stores like Petco or even more than that if you visit the groomer regularly. Suppose your dog has sensitive skin or medical conditions. In that case, you will want to know what shampoo and conditioner are used on the dog, so it does not get irritated by-products. This is especially important for puppies who have not had all their shots yet. As far as food goes, it is best practice to never use cheap dog foods because they contain cheap fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. These ingredients may be cheap, but they are not healthy for your pet.

Petco Grooming Cost and PetSmart Prices Comparison

Petco and PetSmart are two popular pet stores in the United States. They offer more or less the same products, from food to toys to grooming supplies. But there are some crucial differences between them which you should know about before making a purchase decision.

Petco is hands-down the cheaper of these two options for most things, but it has fewer locations than PetSmart does nationwide – meaning that if you want a store nearby, PetSmart may be your only option. The prices at both stores depend on the store and what you are looking for. There are some exceptions, though. For example, all grooming kits cost the same whether they are sold online or in-store.

What Are the Differences?

You should be aware of a few critical differences between Petco and PetSmart before making a purchase decision.

The first difference is that Petco is cheaper than PetSmart for most things. However, Petco has fewer locations nationwide than PetSmart does, so if you want a store nearby, your only option may be PetSmart.

The price of both stores depends on where you are and what you want. But some things cost the same no matter where they are sold. For example, grooming kits cost the same whether they’re sold online or in-store.

Another difference is that Petco offers fewer products than PetSmart does. If you’re looking for a specific product not provided at the store, the other will be your best bet.

Finally, Petco offers grooming services while PetSmart does not. If you’re looking for a full haircut or just want your pet’s face shaved, Petco is the better option.

Final Thoughts

Everybody knows that grooming your pet is an essential aspect of caring for them. But there are different levels of care, and as a shopper, you need to know what those differences mean before deciding where to go.

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