PitBulls are Not Banned In India?

  • By: Charlie Anderson
  • Date: October 6, 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

The Pit-bull type is a range of breeds that have been derived from bulldogs and terriers. It includes American Staffordshire Terrier’s (AST), pit bulls, or even mixed breed dogs like the one you see in my photo right here! No matter what they call themselves, though, there isn’t any law against keeping them as pets so long as ownership does not violate animal protection laws.

The truth about this misunderstood canine has never been more apparent than when I came across an article recently that said, “Pit Bulls are not banned.”

When the law was passed in India, there was no mention of banning any specific dog breed.

But, apparently, authorities had a plan to ban a certain kind of dog. They banned pit bulls because they are seen as aggressive types of dogs.

In India, no law clearly states what breeds are allowed or not. Still, those four words – “breed-specific legislation” – actually became extremely popular after a few incidences where pits attacked people and caused severe injuries. It wasn’t long before other cities followed suit by passing their own laws banning these kinds of dogs from being kept within city limits under any circumstances.

Pit bulls have been used for rescue work and police force duties.

They are very loyal, calm, and loving with their family.

Pits were used in the Indian war of independence in 1857 for carrying messages between British camps because they could move faster than humans on foot. They also took injured soldiers off the field of battle when no stretchers or vehicles were available to carry them away from harm’s way. The breed was introduced in India by Captain Graham, who bought his first pit bull terrier while serving in Belfast, Ireland, during the 1880s.

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In the 1920’s one such dog called “Kala Kanta” became famous after fighting against a man-eater tiger that had been terrorizing an entire village for months before being killed by this brave canine companion at Tholpetty forest Kerala.

The breed was also used for hunting purposes in India under Indian pariah dogs until they were banned by law in 1972 because they are not purebreds and their use for this purpose diminished gradually over time due to changing conditions. Even though there have been cases where pit bulls attacked people, it is difficult to find any statistics that prove these breeds are more aggressive than other famous dog breeds like German shepherds or Rottweilers, etc. Pitbull attacks can occur when a person provokes them but even then, most of the time, just one bite is all that’s needed before an owner will be able to pull his pet away from harm’s way. This particular breed (pit bull) is that they are not very good at reading body language and may get anxious when around strangers.

Some of India’s most famous dog breeds include Cocker spaniel, Doberman pincher, Golden retriever, etc.


The Indian government has not banned the ownership of pit bulls. In fact, there is no official ruling on whether or not these dogs are allowed in India at all! This means that you can still adopt your canine companion from a shelter and live happily ever after with them as long as you do so responsibly. If you want to learn more about regulations for dog breeds in India, contact us today by filling out our form below.

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