Is Straw Good or Bad for Dogs?

  • By: Charlie Anderson
  • Date: October 6, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

It’s cold outside, but you don’t want your dog to suffer. If she tends to dilly-dally and spends a little more time than necessary in the tremendous outdoorsy beyond, pile up some straw for him! They’ll stay dry without freezing, which makes them warmer and safer from any accidental slips or falls on slick ice cubes (whoops!).

What is a straw?

A straw is a tube used for drinking liquids. The most common type of straws is the ones made from paper or plastic. Straws can also be made out of other materials, such as glass and metal, to name a few examples. Drinking through a straw allows us to drink without getting our mouth wet, which means we don’t have to taste what we consume.

It also makes it easier for people who wear braces because they do not need to touch their teeth when using one! However, some people should avoid using them since you may accidentally bite down on the tip, causing injuries in your mouth while trying to get that last sip of smoothie or soda pop! At least with a cup, there isn’t any chance of injuries!

Now that you know what a straw is let’s learn more about whether they are good or bad for dogs.

Types of Straws

  • hay straws
  • oat stubble hay
  • barley straws
  • wheat straws
  • lucerne hay

Straw is the hollow stalk of cereal grain, such as barley, wheat, and oats. It’s usually used to feed horses or other farm animals, but dogs can also eat it!

Benefits to Dogs

  • Straw is cheap and sometimes free to use
  • Dogs can enjoy the bedding material with no ill effects.
  • It doesn’t give them allergies or other problems like some fabrics do.
  • Straw is good because it creates a dry, warm environment for dogs to sleep in.
  • It’s also easy to clean because no dirt or dust is cluttering up the bedding.
  • Straw is an excellent option for those who want to keep their dog’s bedding clean and dry.
  • Straw is soft and fluffy, which many dogs enjoy.
  • Straw can also be put in your dog’s crate for them to rest on while traveling.
  • The straw will keep him comfortable wherever he goes!

Drawbacks to Dogs Eating Straw

  • Straw can get caught in the dog’s throat and cause blockage. This is very dangerous for dogs, as it could lead to them choking or suffocating on their vomit if they regurgitate while there is a straw stuck in their throats.
  • It may also contribute to tooth decay because it can be sticky when wet with saliva (dog) and become hard afterward (when dry).
  • Straws are not an excellent way to provide nutrition for dogs, as they contain no protein and little fat.

How to use a Straw with Your Dog

Straws are great for dogs because they provide a way to get your dog drinking. You can put their water in the straw or give them milk in it, but make sure that you choose something without too much sugar in it if possible. Straws also come with soft rubber end pieces like nipples on baby bottles, perfect for puppies and older dogs who might not want to chew hard plastic all day long.

Since you’re putting liquids into the straw, be wary of how often you do this lest your pet becomes dehydrated over time due to an excess intake of juice when compared to food consumption (which will happen gradually). If there is no risk of dehydration, then feel free to use these as often as needed!

Safety Precautions for Using a Straw with Your Dog

  • Straws are fun for pets to play with, chew on and even eat. However, when your dog gets too much of the straw, it can be harmful. The pieces that come off the straw during chewing or eating are hazardous because they are sharp enough to cut through the lining of a dog’s digestive tract. This is quite serious as this injury needs immediate surgery to fix, making it expensive and stressful for you and your pet.
  • You should also be cautious when you bring straw into your home. When dogs get bored, they like to chew on things, and the last thing you want them chewing is a piece of straw that can become incredibly dangerous! There are many toys available for pets that you can go wrong with, so make sure to keep an eye on what they play with and where it’s located.
  • If you do suspect your pet has swallowed some pieces of straw, make sure to contact an emergency veterinarian right away. It’s important not to wait for symptoms because they can worsen and cause severe intestinal problems that could lead to death.

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