PewDiePie’s Dogs

  • By: Charlie Anderson
  • Date: November 3, 2021
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Have you heard of PewDiePie? He’s a Swedish video game commentator and comedian. This week he posted a YouTube video about his dogs, and it has received over 10 million views! We’ll take a look at the video to see what made it so famous.

The name of the dogs

PewDiePie is a popular YouTube gamer with over 39 million subscribers and 8 billion views. PewDiepie has two dogs, named Maya and Edgar. Maya is a female German Shepherd who appeared in the video “I’m going to play the worst game ever.” She played an Atari Lynx game called Night Stalker. Edgar is a male Border Collie who also appears on many Pewdiepie’s videos playing games such as Pong or football with his owner. They’re both adorable 🙂

Why PewDiePie get them

PewDiePie has two dogs – one named Edgar and the other named Maya; they are both pugs. Pewds (Pewdiepie’s nickname) got his dogs for his girlfriend Marzia, living in Italy at the time. Pewds wanted to show her that he missed her when she traveled for work or school because it would help him feel better about being alone too.

What they look like

PewDiePie, the most subscribed YouTuber in history, has two dogs. PewDieDogs is their name, and they are both pugs. Pewds also owns a ferret named Mr. Fuzzy Face, who makes occasional appearances on his channel. Pewdiepie’s pets provide him with companionship during his YouTube videos and often make cameos in his videos as well!

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What type of dog they are and what their names mean

>write a paragraph about What type of dog they are and what their names mean PewDiePie’s Dogs are a Golden Retriever and an English Bulldog. The Pewds family has two dogs, PewDiePie’s Pugsley is the bulldog, and Pewdiepie’s Marzia is the golden retriever.

Pewdiepie had his dog for three years in 2016, while Pewds pug was adopted at four months old. He also names his dogs after characters from games or TV shows that he likes; in this case, they are named after characters in ‘The Legend of Zelda.’

Marzia came to be when PewDiePie found her on Instagram when she was just six weeks old, but it took him another year before he could adopt her because of Canadian laws against importing pets. Pewdiepie’s pug, Pewds Pugsly, was born in the USA and then brought to Canada, where he is currently living with PewDiePie.

How PewDiePie takes care of them

PewDiePie’s rise to fame has been attributed to the fact that he appeals both to younger viewers and adults. Pewdiepie also has his own merchandise, including T-shirts and hats bearing his logo or catchphrase “Bubblegum Boy.”

PewDiePie takes care of his dogs by ensuring they have regular exercise time outside and plenty of fresh food and water inside their home. Pewdiepie also provides that all areas where the dog’s sleep are clean to be free from fleas and ticks. PewDiePie also has the dogs microchipped so that if they are lost or stolen, PewDiePie can have them returned to him.

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Their favorite activities to do with him

PewDiePie’s dogs have been at the heart of his personal brand from the beginning. PewDiePie has always been a dog lover, and he even named his channel after one of their names. In this article, we will discuss PewDiePie’s favorite activities to do with them!

Pewdiepie often takes videos about what he does with his dogs. He’ll play fetch with them, take them on walks around town, or cuddle up with them in bed for a nap time video. These are Pewdiepie’s favorite things to do when it comes to spending time with his dogs!


The dogs of PewDiePie are the most adorable and loyal companions. They love to play games with their human, cuddle up next to him on the couch during his streams, and even wear matching sweaters! It’s no wonder that these goofy pups have turned into a YouTube phenomenon.

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