Symptoms of Pregnancy in a PitBull Dog

  • By: Charlie Anderson
  • Date: November 3, 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The American pit bull terrier, or pit bull, is a faithful animal with a poor public image due to its frequent use for dogfighting. A pit bull bitch exhibits the same pregnancy symptoms as most dogs, the most apparent being when the pregnant bitch’s nipples become more extensive. Gestation is about 60 days or about eight weeks, so detecting pregnancy as early as possible is essential.


Behavioral change is a big key to recognizing many diseases and conditions in your dog; pregnancy is just one of them. Sometimes, a pit bull bitch will be more distant from her owner as the pregnancy progresses, or she will need more privacy. She may also demand more attention than usual. Because pit bulls tend to be aggressive toward other dogs and animals, you may have to seclude them from other creatures during pregnancy.

Morning sickness and weight loss

Pitbull bitches (and dogs in general) share this symptom with human pregnant women: morning sickness. Apparent signs of regular nausea or vomiting could be signs of morning sickness. A pit bull may also lose weight (and appetite) for a few weeks. This is normal, although you don’t want her to be too skinny. These may be related–the animal may be losing weight because she is vomiting up her breakfast–but it is usually a brief phase. She may also experience lethargy or excessive tiredness.

Milk and veterinarian

A pit bull’s nipples enlarge when she is pregnant (another trait dogs share with humans). The pit bull may begin to produce milk, especially as the pregnancy progresses toward the end of the gestation cycle. If you suspect your dog is pregnant, you should take her to a veterinarian for confirmation. The veterinarian has several ways to confirm this and give your dog health supplements if she needs them.

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Care and Impending Birth

Encourage your pitbull bitch to be as active as she usually is, and make sure she has access to plenty of food and water. Just before birth, the pregnant pit bull may start digging around and trying to create a nest. Provide her with a whelping box of some kinda large cardboard box and a couple of blankets is adequate–and place her somewhere where she will not be disturbed by other animals. After the birth, ensure that the whelping box is kept clean and that the mother is eating and drinking sufficiently.

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