What is the Cost for Dog Vaccines in India?

  • By: Charlie Anderson
  • Date: October 6, 2021
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Many people have questions about the cost of dog vaccines in India. It’s an important question because many countries require that pets are vaccinated against certain diseases before they enter the country. This article will answer your questions about what is needed for importing a pet into India and how much it costs to vaccinate your pet with different types of vaccines.

The cost for dog vaccines in India

The cost for dog vaccines in India is typically around $30-$50/dose. This will be dependent on the size of your pet and what kind of vaccine you are purchasing (some vaccines require more than one shot). Your vet should give you a quote before any work is done, so if anything changes, ask them to explain!

Dog vaccinations often include several different shots, making it difficult to pinpoint precisely how much each vaccination costs. It’s an important question because many countries require that pets are vaccinated against certain diseases before they enter the country.

Countries like Australia have strict rules about importing animals into their borders – including having proof that dogs have been vaccinated for the rabies virus. If you’re bringing your dog from India to another country, be sure they have all their shots and are fit for travel.

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What are the different types of dog vaccines available in India?

There are two main types of dog vaccines available in India – core and non-core. Core vaccinations protect against highly contagious diseases, have severe symptoms, or both. Examples include rabies virus, canine distemper virus (CDV), parvovirus, adenovirus type II, leptospirosis, bordetella pertussis. Non-core shots offer protection from less dangerous viruses, which can still cause illness if not vaccinated against. For example, the Lyme disease vaccine for dogs, coronavirus vaccine for dogs.

How long does it take for a vaccine to work

Vaccines are only effective if given within a specific timeframe of the pet being exposed to an illness. If your dog isn’t vaccinated immediately before entering another country, they will not be protected against diseases commonly carried by animals in that region. It’s essential to plan ahead!

Most vaccines take around two weeks to become effective. This is a suitable timeframe for most dogs that travel because the journey from India to another country will likely be at least one week long – more if it goes through several airports and has layovers.

Why should I get my dog vaccinated?

Vaccines are an essential part of your dog’s health and wellbeing. The main reason to get dogs vaccinated is for their protection, but it also reduces the spread of diseases in local areas by ensuring that all pets have been exposed to a particular illness at least once.

This creates “herd immunity,” which helps protect other dogs from contracting illnesses too! If your pet hasn’t had any vaccines yet, or you’re not sure if they’ve received them, talk to your vet about getting started on vaccinations today.

Where can I find information about getting a puppy or adult dog vaccinated?

If you’re still unsure which vaccine is best for your pet, talk to a vet before scheduling any appointments. They should be able to provide information and advice on the types of vaccines available in India and what each vaccination covers. The cost for dog vaccines may vary depending on where they are purchased from – some clinics offer discounts or special prices if multiple shots are purchased at once!

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Many pet owners neglect their vaccinations because they can seem expensive (though this post has shown that it’s usually not!). If you’re looking for more places to get affordable dog vaccines, try asking friends and family members who own dogs where they go. You might be surprised by how many options there are around town!

Is there anything else that I should know before getting my pet vaccinated?


Vaccine expiration dates are essential.

Be sure to check the date on your dog’s vaccinations and verify that it is valid at least 30 days before traveling if necessary by contacting either your veterinarian or the pet health clinic where you got vaccinated.

Also, confirm with the airline whether they allow pets to fly without proof of vaccination close to their departure time, so you don’t have any travel delays because of this issue.

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